白内障 are the leading cause of blindness and visual impairment in the world, accounting for around 35% of global blindness according to the International 年龄ncy for the Prevention of Blindness. But what are cataracts, what are their main causes and what can be done to treat or prevent them?

Read below to find out more and discover what our teams are doing to help combat cataracts in communities around the world.


A cataract is a clouding of the lens – turning the lens from clear to yellow, 棕色甚至乳白色. 这就阻止了光线进入眼睛.

随着时间的推移, the cataract blocks more and more 光 entering the eye - causing vision loss and eventually blindness.


The lens is necessary to focus images onto the retina at the back of the eye. In a healthy eye, the lens is clear - allowing 光 to pass into the eye.

Cataract is the leading cause of avoidable blindness and vision loss in the world. 根据 International 年龄ncy for the Prevention of Blindness women are at greater risk than men of developing cataracts and are less likely to have access to services needed to treat them.


There are a number of factors that can cause or increase the risk of cataracts. 这些包括:

  • 年龄
  • 遗传疾病
  • 眼睛受伤
  • 吸烟
  • 接触你.V. 光
  • 糖尿病
  • 肥胖
  • 葡萄膜炎

Commonly, most cases of cataracts occur in older people, but they can appear at any age. 白内障 in children is known as ‘childhood cataracts’. Some babies are born with cataracts, frequently due to environmental or genetic disorders. 这被称为“先天性”白内障.

A child cataract patient before surgery to remove it

Not just an age-related condition: children and babies can develop cataracts too

如果儿童白内障得不到及时治疗, the child can become permanently blind as their vision fails to develop properly.


Having a cataract is like seeing a dirty spot on a window. As this dirty spot becomes bigger, you can see less and less until you can no longer see anything.

There are a number of signs of cataracts to look out for. 白内障的症状包括:

  • 视线模糊或模糊
  • Squinting or closing of eyes in response to bright 光
  • 因强光引起的头痛
  • 视野中的光晕和眩光



To reduce the risk of developing cataracts or to delay its onset, the World Health Organization recommends stopping smoking, limiting exposure to ultra violet 光 and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Denzil's Cataract Surgery On Board Our 飞行眼科医院


根据 International 年龄ncy for the Prevention of Blindness over 1.1 million people suffer from vision loss in the Caribbean, with Cataract accounting for 50% of this.


白内障 will not go away on their own and there are no medications or ‘traditional’ treatments that can restore clear vision in the eye. At the time of writing the only way to treat a cataract is an operation to remove the clouded natural lens and replace it with an artificial lens through surgery. 在这个过程中眼睛永远不会被移除.

It is generally suggested that to prevent permanent poor vision or even blindness, children who are born with cataract must be treated within the first few months.


Cataract surgery involves removing the clouded natural lens in the eye, 用一个清晰的, 人工晶体植入.


白内障手术前, an ophthalmologist will perform a comprehensive eye exam to check the overall health of their patient's eyes, evaluate whether there are reasons why they should not have surgery and identify any risk factors they might have.

A refraction will also be performed to accurately determine the amount of nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism a patient has prior to surgery. Additional measurements of a patient's eyes will be taken to determine the curvature of their cornea and the length of their eye.

These measurements are essential to help a cataract surgeon select the proper power of the intraocular lens and give the patient the best vision possible after surgery.


During cataract operations, including those performed by ophthalmologists on our 飞行眼科医院 or in partner hospitals, the patient is usually awake with anesthesia - topical or local. In some cases such as childhood cataracts, general anesthesia is given. 白内障手术通常需要20分钟.


Following cataract surgery, patients are usually required to wear an eye patch. Depending on their general health and how far they live from the clinic, 病人可以在手术当天回家, 或者可能被要求在医院过夜.

Patients are usually asked to come for a check-up the following day after their surgery, where the eye patch is removed and the eye examination. If the surgery is successful the patients vision will improve immediately.

The patient will often be given eye drops to help prevent infection. 如果病人双眼都有白内障, one will be operated on initially and the second a few weeks or months later.



The three most common cataract surgical techniques are extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE), 超声乳化摘除联合), 小切口白内障手术(SICS).


囊外白内障摘除术 is traditionally the most common method, which involves a standard incision to remove the nucleus of the lens and insert a synthetic intraoccular lens.


超声乳化吸出术 uses an ultrasound probe to fragment the lens after making a small small incision. A foldable intraoccular lens is inserted through the incision, 在大多数情况下, 缝合是不必要的. Phaco is the preferred method across the US and Europe due to the high success rate and quick recovery time, which is why our 志愿者教师 are training eye teams in this method in communities around the world.


小切口白内障手术 is a refined extracapsular cataract extraction technique. Similar to phaco, a small incision and foldable synthetic intraoccular lens are used.

More information about cataract surgery can be found on the International 年龄ncy for the Prevention of Blindness website.

Watch the video below of live cataract surgery via our online telehealth platform, Cybersight. 警告:包含眼科手术的图像场景.

A tutorial of phaco surgery put together by our Cybersight team

What We’re Doing to Combat 白内障 Around the World

根据 International 年龄ncy for the Prevention of Blindness there are around 12 million people living with blindness and a further 52 million with mild-to-severe vision loss caused by this entirely preventable condition.

在世界上许多偏远的社区, people remain blind from cataract due to a lack of access to quality eye care services. As you have read, all it takes to restore a person's sight is a 20-minute operation. But in many places in the world people simply do not have access to the right kind of care.

这就是BG真人要做的. 通过BG真人强大的合作伙伴网络, 支持者, staff and world leading volunteers to empower local communities with the skills and resources necessary to fight blindness caused by cataracts on their own.

At BG真人, we're implementing a comprehensive approach to fighting blindness caused by cataracts:

培训: BG真人对当地合作伙伴进行培训 飞行眼科医院在当地医院和通过 Cybersight. This way we can strengthen skills and knowledge for local eye teams over all over the world, 为了子孙后代.

技术: BG真人正在开设电子学习课程 Cybersight which improve knowledge and education as well as offering training and support to eye teams around the world using the latest advancements in internet and mobile technologies.

加强: By working with partners across the health service to establish and strengthen existing care we help provide long-term, sustainable eye care to communities around the world. 从农村到繁华的城市, we aim to provide the tools and knowledge to help restore vision 为了子孙后代.

社区: We want to make sure everyone has access to quality eye care, no matter where they live. 这就是BG真人在社区层面开展工作的原因, training and educating people about about the symptoms of cataracts and setting up referral networks to ensure even the most remote areas receive the best possible treatment.


Can you help help fight cataracts in communities around the world?